Thank a Caregiver


Stars of Caring

Thank you NICU Team  
Joe and Jessica McMullen helped celebrate their daughter Delaney’s second birthday by honoring the Saint Elizabeth NICU team. The McMullen family is grateful for the care Delaney received during her one-month stay in the NICU.

Jessica explains, “We were blessed to have all of you to help, guide and support us…. Your kindness, expertise and professionalism made this strange, stressful, and life-changing experience a good one.  I have full confidence in the care you deliver and wanted to do something to thank you.” 

NICU Nurse Jeannie Will (pictured), RN, BSN, was part of Delaney’s care team and accepted the recognition on behalf of the NICU. She was surprised but so grateful, “I think it was so special to be remembered and honored. It was a privilege to care for Delaney, and their family was such a joy.”

Thank you Cancer Institute Team 
A generous donor gave a gift in honor of The Cancer Institute team, in memory of her late son. "Their care and concern were awesome. They were loving in all they did."

Jay Swanson RN, BSN, Oncology Nurse Navigator, was touched to have been honored. “I leave everyday with what I learn from my patients, and how that has helped me to be a better person. For just doing what I love to do, it is an honor to know that someone thought that highly of me and remembered me. I know that there are reasons I remember patients, and for them to keep me in mind is really overwhelming. Frankly, it makes me speechless, which if you knew me well is quite rare.”

Thank you Joint Center Team
In a gift in recognition of the Joint Center staff, a grateful patient wrote, "To the entire staff in the Joint Center, a heart felt thank you for the excellent care. They anticipated my needs when I didn't know what I needed. The staff was professional, caring, compassionate and cheerful, too. As I moved on to my next step of recovery, thanks to you I was ready. God bless each and every one of you.