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National Study on Deep-Vein Thrombosis

Blood clots in the legs — a condition known as deep-vein thrombosis (DVT) — are dangerous because they can travel to the lungs and cause serious medical complications. The clots can appear when people suffer an injury or are sedentary for long periods—like during a lengthy plane flight. Genetic conditions, cancer and a variety of other medical problems can also boost the risk for clots.

As part of our commitment to advancing medicine, we are taking part in an important research study called ATTRACT that aims to determine the best treatment for the blood clots, which are common and potentially deadly. Eligible patients with blood clots in their legs who consent will be randomly assigned to receive standard treatment or a new clot-busting treatment.

With the new ATTRACT study, researchers will be able to learn which approach is most effective in the long run. Ultimately, 692 patients nationwide will take part in the study at 30 – 50 hospitals. The study is a National Institutes of Health–funded protocol through the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute.

Learn more from Eric Vander Woude, MD, and Rahul Razdan, MD, the subinvestigators at Saint Elizabeth.