AccuBoost for Breast Cancer


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New Radiation Therapy Treatment Helps Fight Breast Cancer

Women at Saint Elizabeth Breast Care Center are benefiting from a new radiation therapy treatment called AccuBoost® that cuts down on the body’s exposure to radiation. Saint Elizabeth is the only hospital in Midwest to offer AccuBoost, which uses brachytherapy technology to deliver a “boost” of radiation in or close to the tumor as possible. The new treatment benefits women undergoing radiation treatment by minimizing damage to nearby, healthy body tissue and organs, over a shorter treatment period.  

AccuBoost: About the Procedure 

  • The breast is imaged using mammography equipment to identify the lumpectomy site in need of the boost dose. The power of the AccuBoost treatment is that the imaging equipment and radiation delivery system are combined in one platform, giving physicians the ability to accurately target the site and eliminate any guess-work.

  • The AccuBoost applicators are positioned on the opposing sides of the breast to deliver a focused radiation field to the lumpectomy site. 

  • In the next step, the x-ray system is reoriented to target the radiation to the lumpectomy site from a different direction. 

  • A higher dose is accumulated in the target tissue while sparing the dose to normal skin and tissues.

Treating the Breast while Sparing the Heart
AccuBoost directs the radiation parallel to the chest wall, reducing the exposure to the organs below the chest wall when compared to traditional treatment. This is especially important when undergoing treatment of the left breast where radiation below the chest wall can reach the heart as well as the lungs.