CHI Health St. Elizabeth recognizes that the advances in understanding the biology of cancer has revolutionized treatment in the last decade, but much of the knowledge is still being tested in clinical trials by industry.

Patients who take part in cancer clinical trials have an opportunity to contribute to our scientific knowledge about cancer and to help in the development of improved cancer treatments. They also receive state-of-the-art care from cancer experts and will be among the first to benefit when a new approach is proven to work.

Access to Advanced Care and Clinical Trials

The clinical trials program can provide our patients with opportunities of enrolling in national research studies, many of which offer new, more targeted treatments, before they become standard care.

CHI Health St. Elizabeth Cancer Institute is affiliated with following programs:

These affiliations ensure a coordinated, national effort in launching, enabling and delivering clinical trials where patients can have access to advanced care in their own community.

We welcome eligible patients into any of our clinical trials and appreciate their active participation for their own healthcare needs. Our research staff will closely monitor the clinical treatments and be a resource and advocate to you as a patient.

For more information on clinical research trials, please call 402-219-7677.