Survivorship Care Plans


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Survivorship Care Plans

In 1971, there were approximately three million cancer survivors in the United States. Today, that figure has grown to nearly 12 million, according to the National Cancer Institute. While most cancer survivors will lead healthy, active lives, some may develop problems related to their cancer and its treatment.

As cancer patients transition into life after treatment, a Survivorship Care Plan serves as a communication tool between survivors and health care providers. The plan provides patients and primary care physicians with a comprehensive treatment summary and wellness plan that focuses on the long-term needs of the survivor.

Our Survivorship Care Plans are created by our experienced cancer nurse navigators. The comprehensive  plan includes:

  • contact information on your team of doctors
  • detailed treatment summary
  • symptoms to watch for to detect cancer recurrence
  • recommended cancer screening and other examinations, and the schedule on which they should be performed
  • information on possible late and long-terms effects of treatment
  • recommendations for healthy behaviors such as diet, exercise, and smoking cessation
  • directory of support services

Our detailed Survivorship Care Plan keeps patients and their health care providers informed and aware of any long-term health concerns.