Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center
Administration of the Modified Barium Swallow Study
The patient is seated in a fluoroscopic chair at approximately a 90 degree angle.  The patient is seen in a lateral view which allows the speech pathologist to assess oral and pharyngeal transit times, anatomic deviations and physiologic disturbances. 

In an anterior-posterior (A-P) view, the patient is faced toward the fluoroscopy tube, allowing view of the anatomical structures bilaterally, looking for asymmetries, residues of material and abduction/adduction of the vocal folds.

The patient is presented with a variety of foods and liquid consistencies imbedded with barium that allows the Speech Pathologist and Radiologist to observe direction of consistencies.  Consistencies tested include:  pureed (pudding), thin liquid (water), thick liquid (nectar), and solid (cookie).