Radiation Therapy
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Radiation Therapy Team
Radiation Oncologist: A physician specially trained in the evaluation of patients who may undergo radiation therapy as well as the administration of radiation treatments.

Dr. Kevin Yiee attended UCLA, graduated with a master’s degree in Public Health from Yale University and attended medical school at University of California San Francisco.  He completed his residency at Loma Linda University in Radiation Oncology. Dr. Yiee is the Medical Director for the Saint Elizabeth Radiation therapy department and is the Principal Investigator for NCI’s Community Cancer Centers Program. Dr. Yiee is also fluent in Spanish and Taiwanese.

Medical Physicist:  Works directly with the radiation oncologist to plan and tailor treatment to each patient. The medical physicist ensures precise measurements for the radiation beam andRadiation Therapy Team is responsible for the safety and functioning of the equipment.

Leo Jablonski holds a master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering and dual certification from the American Board of Radiology in both Therapeutic Radiological Physics and Diagnostic Radiologic Physics. He serves as the lead medical physicist and brings more than 30 years of experience as a health and medical physicist to our team. Jablonski is widely respected in the medical community for his expertise and consulting service.

Radiation Oncology Nurse: works collaboratively with the radiation oncologists and radiation therapists caring for the patient at the time of consultation, during treatments and with follow-up care. The registered nurse is trained in oncology and provides support and counseling while also being readily accessible to patients throughout their course of treatment as their needs change. 
Radiation Therapists: administer daily radiation treatments based under the direction of the radiation oncologists. They maintain treatment records and perform regular equipment maintenance checks. Saint Elizabeth radiation therapists are all certified by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.
Radiation Therapists: are specially trained to deliver radiation treatments and monitor patients daily throughout the course of your treatment.

Dosimetrists: work with the radiation oncologist and the medical physicist to develop a number of treatment plans and calculate the proper radiation dose that can best destroy the tumor while sparing normal tissue.