Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center
Specialty Areas

Regional Burn Center is located on Level 1, West Tower. This center has repeatedly been verified by the American College of Surgeons and the American Burn Association for meeting national standards of care for burn centers. Thermal and electrical burns patients are seen in our Burn Center, as well as those with Steven Johnson Syndrome and/or complex wounds. A physical therapist works full-time in the unit. The Case Manager works closely with the patient and the family. Outreach education is provided by the staff in the areas of prevention, first aid and stabilization. Equipment for monitoring and treatment is available in the unit. Staff in this unit are ACLS and PALS certified. Nurses from our Burn Center have been requested to work at times of national disasters such as with the 9/11 Pentagon burn patients and those from the Rhode Island nightclub fire.

Burn Center Director: Christi Chaves RN, MA, FACHE

The Wound Center is closely affiliated with the Burn Center and is located at 7441 O Street, Suite 200. This is an outpatient center for the treatment of chronic, non-healing wounds. Our case managers work closely with the 12 physicians on staff to provide continuity of care for each patient. We also provide wound care to a number of outreach sites including, York, Geneva, Hebron, Nebraska City, and Falls City. Outreach education is provided throughout the state on a variety of topics.

Wound Center Director: Christi Chaves RN, MA, FACHE


Cardiovascular Services/Cardiac One units are located on Level 1, West Tower. Our department includes Cardiac Cath Labs, Electrophysiology Lab, Cardiovascular Diagnostics and Cardiac One-which is a pre- and post-procedure unit and chest pain observation unit. Our Heart Center team takes part in cutting-edge national and international research and procedures.

Director: Patsy Gleim RN, BS, CC


Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation is located in Lower Level, West Tower. This program serves both acute inpatient and outpatient cardiac and pulmonary patients. The rehab center and staff experiences more than 30,000 visits annually. Nursing staff, which have critical care experience, play a key role as part of the multidisciplinary team comprised of exercise leaders, dietitians, pharmacists and respiratory care practitioners providing physical rehabilitation and education to patients with chronic pulmonary disorders and cardiac disease. Nursing staff provide cardiovascular assessments upon admission and with subsequent visits during the rehabilitation process. Staff are responsible for monitoring participants during all phases of their rehabilitation program. Staff provide assistance in the development of their exercise prescription and are an active provider of cardiac and respiratory risk factor and self-help education.

Director: Jay Snyder, RRT, BS


Company Care, a subsidiary of Saint Elizabeth Health System, is located at 5000 N 26th Street , Suite 200. Company Care is dedicated to serving Nebraska's business and industrial communities by providing comprehensive occupational health services that focus on the whole person through workplace education, safety instruction, and injury prevention and treatment. Board-certified occupational health physicians are available for work-related physicals, medical care, injury treatment and follow-up, and disability evaluation. The services are based on the unique occupational health needs of each business or company. Services include: Nurse On-site Program, Drug Testing Program, Occupational Health Services and Urgent Care treatment focused on Occupational Injuries and Illnesses.

Manager: Lisa Haas, LPN


The Critical Care Unit (CCU) and Progressive Care Unit (PCU) are located on Level 3, East Tower.

Critical Care: consists of the Intensive Care, Coronary Care and Pediatric Intensive Care Units. This area provides specialized and concentrated nursing care to critically or seriously ill patients. We have advanced technology and nursing friendly private rooms with touch-screen monitors for observation, signaling, recording and measuring physiological functions. Staff in this unit are both ACLS and PALS certified. We are proud of our Intensivist Program wherein Intensivists are available in the unit 8-10 hours per day and are available via phone the rest of the time.

TELEMETRY units are available for monitoring throughout the medical center. These units transmit a patient's ECG pattern to a receiver at a central station in the CCU. The monitor technicians monitor closely scrutinize the equipment readings and maintain communication with the nursing staff.

Progressive Care: offers a step-down approach from Critical Care, providing specialized nursing care and special flexible monitoring and other equipment to care for those patients who are progressing toward general medical/surgical care. This unit has the capacity to expand when needed. PCU has a flexible monitoring concept which places needed monitors and equipment at the bedside. Patients who require continued monitoring when dismissed from the CCU are placed on telemetry or on flexible monitors. Staff in this unit are ACLS trained.

Director: Barb George RN, MSN, NE-BC


The Emergency Department is located on the Level 1, West Tower. Dr. Terry Rounsborg, is the Medical Director for Saint Elizabeth Emergency Services and is Lincoln's Emergency Medical Services (EMS) director. Our Emergency Department has 17 rooms and serves approximately 28,000 patient visits a year with more than 1/3 of this volume being pediatric patients. Saint Elizabeth is a Level II Emergency Department. Nursing staff in this unit are both ACLS and PALS certified with more than half of the nursing staff being certified in Emergency Nursing.

Nursing Director: Pam Randall CEN


Employee Health offices are located on Lobby Level, West Tower. Saint Elizabeth Company Care provides an employee health nurse whose duties include but are not limited to: administration of pre-placement medical evaluations, provision of health and safety education, case management of job-related illness/injury and infectious exposures and maintenance of confidential employee health records.

Manager: Lisa Haas, LPN


Our Advanced Baby Center (perinatal) / Woman's Care / Maternal-Fetal Medicine areas offer progressive inpatient care, strong shared governance, risk-taking leadership, flexible staffing, self-scheduled hours, cutting-edge technology (including web-based remote fetal monitoring) and spacious new birthing suites with surround sound and whirlpools in every spa-like bathroom.

ADVANCED BABY CENTER (ABC) is located on Level 4, East Tower and offers transition plans for new graduate nurses who want to work in a labor and delivery setting. We offer a strong midwifery presence featuring alternative birthing modalities such as the labor sling and water births. Our tertiary services include a nursing flight team. Our nurses provide outreach education to our referring communities.

MATERNAL-FETAL MEDICINE is a a perinatology program that supports excellence in care to the high-risk obstetrical patient and a Maternal-Fetal Medicine clinic where ultrasonography technicians work stable hours, no "on-call" requirements.

Our WOMAN'S CARE nursing is based on a wellness model of healthcare. Dedicated nursing professionals who thrive in a teaching setting will enjoy working in a healing environment focused on women recovering from gynecology, breast and urology surgeries. Special amenities, such as a personal care attendant and spa-style robes, are provided for patients in this program.

Director: Deb Chambers, RN-C, BSN, MBA


GI/Bronchoscopy Laboratory is located on Level 1, West Tower. Nursing care in this department includes preparing patients for GI and Bronchoscopy procedures involving moderately invasive instrumentation. Pre-procedure, intra-procedure and post-procedure nursing care focuses on support of the patient, monitoring of tolerance of the procedure and effects of conscious sedation. Nurses in this area are currently ACLS trained.

Director: Christi Chaves RN, MA, FACHE


Home Care Services have their offices at 245 South 84th Street. This service provides home health, hospice and home medical equipment as well as private duty services. Our focus is to provide complete healthcare for patients of all ages in the patient's own home or current familiar location. The emphasis is on care, support and pain relief for the patient and their family. We also provide medical equipment for rental or purchase by our patients.

Director: Nancy Orsborn RN, BSN, MA


The Infusion Center is located on Level 6, West Tower. This is a specialized outpatient area providing infusion treatments for patients who will not need to be admitted to the hospital. Staff nurses are trained to provide a wide range of infusion services, from dressing changes and IV antibiotics to injections and chemotherapy administration. Nursing staff are able to meet the needs of patients in any stage of cancer treatment, including pediatric patients.

Director: Mary Trauernicht RN, MSN


Imaging/Radiology is located on the Lobby Level. We are a 100% digital imaging service including the state's only digital mammography equipment. The Imaging Center is focused on outpatient procedures and located in the medical plaza. A more inpatient-focused imaging center is located on the same level, but in the West Tower. Imaging/radiology nurses possess strong critical care skills, sound judgment, flexibility and good interpersonal skills to care for our wide range of illnesses and high level of care of adult and pediatric patients. They provide care to patients scheduled for sedation, biopsy, angiography, thoracentesis, paracentesis, drainage procedures and radiological exams. The imaging/radiology nurses give pre and post procedure education and emotional support to patients and their families. We have a radiation therapy center currently under construction. We also are in the process of installing a 3 Tesla MRI, which will be the only one in Lincoln.

Director: Mike Hopkins, RT, MBA


Our Orthopaedic/Neurosurgery Unit is located on Level 5, East Tower. This area provides pre- and post-operative care to Orthopaedic patients including sports medicine, neurosurgery and those in our innovative and successful Joint Center program for those undergoing total joint replacements. Our nurses work closely with physical and occupational therapy for excellent outcomes. Nursing care emphasizes disease entities, treatments and correlated rehabilitation of patients with orthopaedic injuries, and/or orthopaedic surgical or neurosurgical interventions.

Director: Brenda Stutzman, RN


The JOINT CENTER is an innovative Wellness program, tailored to the needs of patients undergoing total knee and hip replacement. We have an education center, a gym and a clubhouse for our innovative and successful program. We also have a staffed personal care/beauty shop for pampering touches for our patients, offering them the choice of a massage, manicure or hair styling. Care is based on a wellness model emphasizing each patient's need for improved mobility. The program fosters a friendly competition between patients resulting in reduced lengths of stay and emotional well being for patients.

Director: Brenda Stutzman, RN


Our Medical/Oncology Unit is located on Level 5, West Tower. We have medical and dedicated oncology beds. Oncology rooms have a home-like feel to them with wood furnishings and artwork to provide patients with a more relaxing environment during their hospitalization. Nursing care is provided to patients with acute and chronic illnesses. We provide highly specialized care in cardiac, pulmonary, diabetes and ambulatory renal dialysis as well as state-of-the-art care for patients in various stages of cancer treatment.

Director: Mary Trauernicht RN, MSN


The NICU is located on Level 4, East Tower. We are one of only a handful of NICUs in the country to have all private rooms for added privacy and safety. We have a number of technological advancements including "smart" monitors that send alarm signals directly to baby's personal nurse. Our nursing staff provides comprehensive, individualized, developmentally appropriate nursing care for high-risk infants. Our nurses had input into the design of our NICU. Their touches include a range of light and sound levels to create an appropriate environment for baby's development. Two high-risk delivery suites are adjacent to the NICU. The Newborn Nursery staff is highly skilled and dedicated to caring for infants. They are specially trained to meet the needs of the newborns and their families.

Director: Susan Walsh RN-C, MSN


The OPERATING SUITES are located on Level 1, East Tower. There are 14 operating suites, 1 burn debridement room and 1 cysto room. This unit is responsible for all patients in O.R. including: scheduling all surgical procedures in cooperation with surgeons; determining that adequate personnel, space and equipment are available; and providing safe surgical care during the procedure. Nursing personnel include Registered Nurses who are certified as Operating Room Nurses, Certified Surgical Technicians (CST), Operating Room Assistants (ORAs) and anesthesia personal care for the patient while the surgeon performs the surgical procedure.

Director: Nancy Gondringer, CRNA


Pediatrics is located on the Level 6, West Tower. This service provides highly specialized nurses to care for children. Nurses in the Pediatric Unit understand the unique needs, fears and behaviors of children. Good relationships with parents are an important responsibility.

Director: Susan Walsh RN-C, MSN


Post Anesthesia Care Unit is a 15-bed unit adjacent to the operating suites. This area provides comprehensive and highly skilled nursing care to patients immediately post-anesthesia. PRE-OP CARE is a 5-bed unit including a Special Procedures Area (SPA). The nursing focus of the pre-operative area is preparation of the patient for a safe surgical experience while the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) is for the safe recovery of the patient following the procedure. In the Special Procedures Area (SPA) nurses assist the physician and monitor the patient during minor procedures.

Director: Nancy Gondringer, CRNA


Short Stay Center is located on Level 1, East Tower and consists of 44 private Short Stay, Pre-op and Infusion rooms. This unit provides care to the patient requiring outpatient (ambulatory) surgery, patients who are admitted the morning of surgery or medical interventions. Experienced staff understand the unique needs of the surgical patient and are committed to keeping the patient and family informed. They will facilitate a smooth transition for a patient's hospital visit or assure that patients and their caregivers are well prepared for discharge.

Director: Denise Callies RN, BSN, NE-BC


The Surgical Unit is located on Level 6, West Tower. The patients on this unit are going to or have had a surgical intervention and require special pre-operative and post-operative care. Staff are committed to providing individualized care to patients and understand the importance of having friends and family members nearby during recovery process and welcome them as members of our team.

Director: Denise Callies RN, BSN, NE-BC


Pre-Admission Teaching/Care is located across from the medical center. Both areas are phone-based services that facilitate a smooth transition for a patient's hospital visit. The CARE nursing staff schedules outpatient procedures; obtains reservations, insurance information and orders; and educates patients for admission. PRE-ADMISSION TEACHING educates patients and obtains test results and pertinent documents for a patient's surgery.

Director: Jan Yaussi, BA


Linc Care operates three Urgent Care centers within The Physician Network.

Their convenient locations are:

Linc Care East
1601 N 86th Street, Suire 200 (86th & Holdrege)
Linc Care North
5000 N. 26th Street
Linc Care South
3910 Village Drive (40th & Old Cheney)

Hours of operation for all three
Monday through Saturday: 9 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Sunday: Noon - 10pm

Because patient convenience is our focus, Linc Care offers:
• Walk-in care for urgent care needs such as illness, sore throat, strains and sprains, burns, cuts, UTIs and more!
• Extended hours-they are open until 10pm, even on weekends!

Medical teams are comprised of physicians, PAs, LPNs, CMAs and X-ray technologists.

Director: Dee Lewis, CMA, BA