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Howard, Prostate Cancer

cyberknife-howard-2Howard, 68 of Lincoln was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He knew other men who had this cancer, including an uncle, and their treatments were exhausting. His uncle was hospitalized for at time and still suffers from urinary and other problems.

His doctor sent him to the Saint Elizabeth Radiation Therapy Center to find out what his options were. "I never even heard of a CyberKnife", Howard tells us. "But Dr. (Dina) Howell-Burke (former medical director) explained it all to me along with other treatments. She didn't push any one treatment on me at all--but I made my decision!"

Howard required only FIVE treatments with each treatment lasting 45 minutes. His uncle, by contrast had 46 radiation treatments over two and a half months.

Howard took the day off work for his first treatment because he thought he would be exhausted. To his surprise, he wasn't. He listened to his iPod during the treatment and because he had no side effects, he went home humming a tune.

With more than 70 patients treated at the Saint Elizabeth CyberKnife Center, every prostate cancer patient has shown a significant drop in their PSA level, a measure of tumor burden in a patient. Most patients had a dramatic drop just one month following their CyberKnife treatment and further decreases four months afterwards.

Incredible Outcome: Howard's PSA level was 5.05 before treatment. One month after his treatment his PSA level was less than 1.0!

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