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Breast Care Center Puts Patient Care at the Center

At the Saint Elizabeth Breast Care Center, cancer patients benefit from a team of specialists that work together to ensure that the best treatment plan is developed for each patient. Committed, experienced breast surgeons are available to address the concerns of the women diagnosed with breast cancer.

The surgeons not only provide a prompt response to patients, they also participate in the treatment planning with the team that includes pathologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, plastic surgeons, a genetic counselor and a breast cancer nurse navigator.

“Physicians at the Breast Care Center work together to make the surgery process as quick as possible for the patient,” says Dr. Todd Orchard, plastic surgeon. “It is a great collaborative approach that demonstrates how we put our patients first.”

Dr. Orchard and Dr. Mathieu Hinze are plastic surgeons that provide a new procedure for breast cancer patients called direct-to-implant reconstruction. The benefit to patients is twofold – it allows them to get back to their daily lives quicker and provides a psychological boost.

Direct-to-implant reconstruction eliminates the need for tissue expansion. Tissue expansion uses expanders (placed in the breast tissue) to create a pocket to hold the implant. After the tissue is expanded, a second surgery is performed to insert the implants. Recovery can take up to five months.

orchard   hinze

Dr. Orchard Dr. Mathieu Hinze

With direct-to-implant reconstruction, women leave the hospital after their breast cancer surgery with reconstruction in place. Recovery time is reduced from months to weeks. Patients can recover in as little as three weeks. And, it offers patients a mental and emotional advantage.

“Instead of waking up and seeing a scar and flat chest, our patients see their reconstruction,” says Dr. Orchard. “A second surgery may be necessary to improve the cosmetic appearance, but the benefit is that women know they are on the road to recovery when they leave the hospital.”

“The positive response we get from our patients that undergo this procedure is overwhelming,” says Hinze.

“The direct-to-implant reconstruction that Dr. Hinze and I perform is cutting edge, so much so that many people can’t find it in major metropolitan areas. In our immediate area, I’m not aware of anyone else that offers direct-to-implant reconstruction,” adds Orchard.

Breast cancer nurse navigator, Karen Pribnow RN, shares that breast cancer patients have positive feedback about direct-to-implant reconstruction. “Many patients choose to have one surgery instead of two,” says Pribnow. “I invite women in the community to call me if they want to learn more about direct-to-implant reconstruction.”