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Your Health is our Priority

We were informed by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska that it has rejected our good faith effort to resolve our contractual differences and address their concerns about cost.

CHI Health and Blue Cross have had a long-standing contractual relationship and have spent the last 18 months negotiating a contract. We went into the week with the goal of bringing clarity to the market by Friday, November 21. We now have that clarity.

While Blue Cross’ rejection of our proposal is not the answer we hoped for, it does provide employers and patients with the information they need to make 2015 health plan decisions, while they still have the ability to act. We urge you to use Open Enrollment to switch your plan to one that allows you to use CHI Health and its UniNet doctors, providers and hospitals. Such plans include Aetna, CoOportunity and UnitedHealthcare.

In the meantime, we stand committed to three important principles:

  1. Patient Safety: When you or a loved one has a medical emergency, like a severe injury or illness, time is critical. An emergency department is the best place to go and you should always go to the closest emergency department, including those within CHI Health hospitals. If you are a Blue Cross member and denied coverage, CHI Health will help you resolve it on the back end, even waiving the out-of-network cost difference if your claim is denied.

  2. Patient Choice: Our Blue Cross patients were promised a full network when they signed up for their plans. It’s unfair for the insurance company to now interfere with the sacred relationship between a patient and their provider.

  3. Value Based Care: We will continue to focus our care delivery around health and wellness, around superior outcomes that prevent further treatment when possible, and around proactively helping our communities to stay well. If you are interested in learning more about your options to continue care at CHI Health, call us at 1-888-245-4442.

What you need to know

  1. Your health has to be the top priority. We will continue to keep the costs we, CHI Health, can control the same for you regardless of whether you are in or out of network. So please, do not put off going to your doctor. Get the care you need!

  2. Medicare supplements are not affected. If your primary insurance is Medicare and you have a Blue Cross Medicare supplement plan, you are NOT affected by this issue. Your copays and deductibles are unchanged.

  3. Emergency medical care is covered as in-network. As they always do, Blue Cross will have to verify the care is emergent.

  4.  Physicians within The Physician Network are in-network and are not affected.

  5. If you have questions or would like to calculate the cost for your out-of-network care, we have set up a call center to help you. Please call us at 888-245-4442.

A Blue Cross Update from CEO Dr. Cliff Robertson


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Value Based Care

Questions? Contact Us


  • For questions about your out-of-network costs, call 1-888-245-4442 for an estimate.

What You Can Do

  • Please talk to your doctor or care provider about your care plan. Patients scheduled for or receiving certain treatments during this out-of-network period may be able to continue their care as planned, at in-network rates. For more information on Continuity of Care benefits, call the phone number on your Blue Cross insurance card.
  • Consider alternative health plans. Our hospitals and physicians are on all other major health plans, including CoOportunity Health, UnitedHealthcare and Aetna/Coventry. Talk to your employer or broker about your options.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please call (888) 245-4442.

Background on the Negotiations

Blue Cross routinely refused our proposals and refused to compromise. At the close of our negotiations period, we were left to choose between compromising our quality of care and going out-of-network. We were not willing to jeopardize our quality, break up the clinically integrated network that we've spent years building, or put our patients in danger. As a result, we are now out of network. Please refer to the list below to see which hospitals are affected.

Hospitals Affected

  • Alegent Creighton Health (Omaha, Council Bluffs)
  • Nebraska Spine Hospital (Omaha)
  • Lasting Hope Recovery Center (Omaha)
  • Saint Francis Medical Center (Grand Island)
  • Good Samaritan Hospital (Kearney)
  • Nebraska Heart Hospital (Lincoln)
  • Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center (Lincoln)
  • St. Mary's Community Hospital (Nebraska City)
  • Plainview Hospital (Plainview)
  • Memorial Hospital (Schuyler)