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What's New

Tracking Patients

June 30 2011

At Saint Elizabeth, families of patients who will be undergoing a surgical procedure will have a relatively easy time tracking where their family member is in the process thanks to some new high tech TV screens and colorful software.
A family just checks one of the new SmartTrack® TV screens to find where in the process the patient actually is.  There are two screens in the Hospitality Room (Guest Lounge) and a screen in the cafeteria they can use to follow their family member while waiting or during a break in the cafeteria.
Color Coding
For privacy, families receive an alpha/numeric code to identify the patient. The screens use color-coding and word display to indicate where that patient is in the process. For instance:
        Patient in Short Stay      Blue
        Patient in Pre-op            Purple
        Patient in Surgery          Aqua
        Patient in Recovery       Yellow 
        Patient in Room or Home  Red

We are excited to introduce this system and feel our patients’ families will find it valuable.