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Your Second Trimester

What to do in months 3 – 6

Create your birth plan. St. Elizabeth can provide water birth, 24-hour physician-administered anesthesia, and various other options for your delivery, allowing you to choose what you prefer. We will work with your physician or certified nurse midwife to design a birth plan that is right for you and your baby.

Complete preadmission forms. Completing these forms ahead of time will speed up your admission process and allow us to make you comfortable as soon as you arrive at the hospital.

Plan your birth support options. Talk to your partner, doula, relative, or friend about being your support during delivery.

Make child care arrangements. Now is the time to start exploring your options, as many care centers may have a waiting list.

Schedule time for rest. Your body is experiencing many changes right now, so be sure to set aside time to get the rest and relaxation you need to stay healthy.

Buy birth announcements and address envelopes. If you plan to send birth announcements, get them ready now so you can focus on your new baby when they come home.

Notice when your baby moves and keep track of activity. Spend time bonding with your baby as they grow and become more active.

Take our infant care class. Start learning how to take care of your baby.