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Your Third Trimester

What to do in months 6 – 9

Expect a call for your pregnancy registration telephone conference. A St. Elizabeth staff member will contact you to discuss both medication and non-medication options for managing pain during your delivery. We will also discuss any special requests and educate you about cesarean birth, if needed.

Take a childbirth class. Learn about labor-coping tools, medications, epidurals, and childbirth options.

Schedule your car seat fitting. Nebraska law dictates that your baby will not be able to leave the hospital without a car seat. We offer one-on-one appointments for a fitting and safety check with a certified instructor for a minimal fee. To schedule your appointment, call 402-219-7000 or register online.

Select a physician for your child. Be sure to call and check that the physician is accepting new patients.

Take a breastfeeding class. Our breastfeeding classes are taught by certified lactation consultants and specially trained nurses.

Discuss requests with your support person. Talk about any cultural and family traditions or prayers you would like to incorporate into your delivery experience.

Decide on a name for your baby. If the gender of your baby is a surprise, have names picked out for both a boy and a girl. It might be a good idea to have a backup name as well, in case your first choice doesn’t seem to fit when you meet your little one.

Continue bonding with your baby. Read aloud and play music to soothe and comfort your baby.

Pack your hospital bag. It’s always a good idea to be ready early, just in case. We have a helpful video below and a handy checklist to help you know what to pack.