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The Morrows: Triplets

Alison and Brian Morrow had triplet boys—Teddy, Hank, and Max—born at 29 weeks. Alison shares her story:

At a routine appointment with Dr. Sean Kenney, two of our boys, identical twins Teddy and Hank, were diagnosed with "twin-to-twin transfusion.” During the appointment Hank's heart rate dropped, so we went to Saint Elizabeth and the boys were delivered that morning by emergency C-section.

I can't say enough about the staff. Our labor and delivery nurse said the most encouraging words to me. The anesthesiologist was so kind and calmed me down. Dr. Kenney had the boys out so quickly, it was truly a matter of minutes. The boys were moved to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) immediately. The nurses came in frequently to give me updates, which I appreciated so much.

The neonatologists Dr. Bobbi Hawk, Dr. Rosemarie Tan, and Dr. B.J. Wilson kept us informed every day and were very open to answering any questions we had. From day one, we felt like they kept us up to speed with the progress of the boys. They explained all the medical jargon and terminology so my husband and I could understand exactly what was happening.

All of the neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs) were so great to work with! I remember Max was getting a new PICC line put in one night and my husband couldn't sleep because he was so worried about it. He called the NICU and the NNP talked him through the procedure again. She called back afterwards with updates which helped him feel good about the situation. It was so nice to have an NNP available 24/7 if we had questions or concerns.

The physicians, NNPs, and nurses were so helpful in our transition to home. We were given a large book about the NICU so that we could review procedures and what we had talked about. I did bounce a lot of ideas and questions off of two of the nurses in the NICU who also had multiples and one nurse who had triplet grandchildren. They helped me figure out a routine to follow when I got home. The face-to-face support and education that happened over the months that the boys were there helped us to feel confident taking them home.

Our household is busy; each stage brings its own challenges, but we have it figured out and manage pretty well. We have been very blessed as they are all doing great! They are into everything and are very busy. They are all on the growth charts for height, weight, and head circumference. And they are healthy and doing well developmentally.

Saint Elizabeth has top-notch providers and a wonderful NICU that I would recommend to anyone! We can't say enough about the care our boys received at Saint Elizabeth.