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The Nelsons: Twins

After spending two weeks in the hospital, Dori and Peter Nelson had twin boys born at 24 weeks. Jayden was 1 pound, 3.1 ounces and Jordan was 1 pound, 4.7 ounces. Dori's pregnancy was high risk due to being a twin pregnancy. She had been on strict bed rest at home. At 22 weeks, she arrived at Saint Elizabeth. She shares her story:

I felt as if I was really being cared for as the nurses monitored me closely and advised us of what was going on every step of the way.

It became necessary to do an emergency C-section. Both Dr. James Maly and Dr. Sean Kenney came within the hour. Both of our sons were rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Since our boys were so tiny, they were handled with the utmost delicacy, and the staff kept us informed of any test, procedures, or monitoring that was necessary for our boys' survival. The facts were presented to us in the most professional and tactful manner. We always felt like Dr. B.J. Wilson, Dr. Bobbi Hawk, and Dr. Rosemarie Tan were being honest, and they spoke in a way we could easily understand.

The type of support and education from the NICU that we received was great. The neonatal nurse practitioners (NNPs) and the nurses were wonderful. Not only did they keep us in the loop with our babies, but they allowed us firsthand experience in changing diapers, taking temps, and giving baths. We felt like they were not only there for our boys, but for our whole family—almost like counselors.

Some of the special things I remember the staff doing in the NICU include creating decorative calendars that were hung in the room. These marked milestones such as the twins’ daily weights and first baths by Mommy and Daddy. I have held on to the calendars and have included them in their baby books. The nursing staff took priceless photos of some of these precious moments.

I remember when Jordan had to have surgery, and I was in the next room with his brother Jayden. Jayden and I were praying, and I was holding him kangaroo hold. He had wrapped his tiny little fingers over my index finger and just cuddled in as if he was praying. One of the nurses grabbed the camera and snapped a photo of the moment. Jordan's surgery was successful and every time I look at the photo, I remember that exact moment when Jayden and I were praying for Jordan.

I would like other expectant parents to know that at Saint Elizabeth, you are treated like family. Our boys are doing great—they are running, jumping, climbing, and playing every chance they get. Both boys love to read and have wonderful imaginations. We enjoy them every day and are so thankful for the care they received at Saint Elizabeth.