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High Risk FAQs

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What determines if my pregnancy is high risk?

High-risk pregnancies are usually the result of factors in one of three categories:

  • Existing health conditions. Women who have a condition before becoming pregnant usually know from the start that they may need special attention throughout their pregnancy.
  • Health conditions developed during pregnancy. These conditions may include high blood pressure or diabetes.
  • Risk factors that are pregnancy-specific. Multiple babies, a mother’s age, or premature labor are factors to consider.

What if my doctor orders bed rest?

During pregnancy, some women need nursing care and additional support in their homes. Others require bed rest and activity restriction. In many cases, a mother-to-be can be cared for at home under the direction of her provider.

Saint Elizabeth provides certified, expert home care services that include monitoring your baby’s heart rate and your contractions as well as watching for extreme nausea, preterm labor, and high blood pressure. A maternal fetal medicine specialist is also available for consultation with your health care provider.

What if I need a C-section?

Saint Elizabeth has two OB operating suites on the same level as our regular birthing suites, so you can be transferred and taken care of quickly.

What if my baby needs special care?

Our NICU offers some of the highest quality care in the state. Our team includes three neonatologists, six neonatal nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists, and specially trained nurses who are available around the clock. If your baby needs any kind of special care, they will be in good hands.