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Our Neonatal Nurse Practitioners

Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) works together in multidisciplinary teams to provide the best possible care for your baby. The Advanced Baby Center embraces the philosophy of family-centered care and focuses on the needs of the entire family as well as the developmental needs of the infant in a healing environment.

We provide advanced care with a team of experts including our neonatal nurse practitioners (NNP). They are registered nurses with clinical expertise in neonatal nursing. Our NNPs have obtained a master's degree and completed an educational program of study to be an advanced practice registered nurse (APRN). This required a formal neonatal educational program with at least 600 precepted clinical hours and an accredited postmaster's degree. They can practice beyond the basic nursing level in the specialty, with supervised clinical experience in the management of newborns and their families. 

Neonatologists Dr. B.J. Wilson, Dr. Bobbi Hawk and Dr. Catherine Brooks provide consultation, collaboration and medical supervision to our team of NNPs that includes: 

carraher-sydnie-nnp-web gehle-jennifer-nnp-web goodban-becky-nnp-web

Sydnie Carraher, APRN/NNP

Jennifer Gehle, APRN/NNP

 Rebecca Goodban, APRN/NNP




 Lorri Niemeyer, APRN/NNP

Erin Walvoord, APRN/NNP

Lindsey Vlcan, APRN/NNP