Transport Team


Transport Teams

Mothers and newborns in critical health situations can be moved by either ambulance or helicopter to Saint Elizabeth with the assistance of our transport teams.

The Maternal Transport Team provides exceptional care for high-risk moms. The team carries all of the equipment necessary to care for moms and newborn infants. Moms and babies are
in good hands because the team has experienced labor and delivery nurses as well as NICU
transport nurses.

The Neonatal Transport Team includes neonatal nurse practitioners and experienced registered nurses. They have the expertise and necessary equipment (transport incubators, specialty ventilators, medications and blood analysis machines) to care for critically ill newborns. Care is initiated by the transport team upon their arrival at the referring facility and continued throughout the transport and admission to the NICU.

Both teams, the Maternal Transport and Neonatal Transport are available 24/7 to provide very
specialized services for moms and newborns. Below is our Maternal Transport team.


Our Neonatal Transport Team (pictured below) provides expert care for newborns and ill babies
up to three months of age.