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Insurance Information

The majority of health plans will cover weight-loss surgery if the candidate meets the established criteria. If you are interested in weight-loss surgery, it is important to check with your health plan to confirm coverage and educate yourself regarding specific criteria required by your insurance company.

Quite often insurance companies will require documentation that weight-loss surgery is medically necessary. They often require documentation of diet and weight loss history, working closely with your physician in attempts to lose weight and dietary consultation.

We accept most private insurance plans and will arrange out-of-network benefits if available. You are responsible for deductibles and co-pay amounts as outlined in your policy.  

Interested in self-pay options?
Some insurance plans exclude payment for weight-loss surgery. Often, patients elect to pay for surgery out of pocket. A package rate is available for those patients that choose to do so. St. Elizabeth provides a self-pay package that includes the cost for surgery, anesthesia and a one to two night stay.  

If you have questions regarding our self-pay options or insurance coverage, please feel free to call the Insurance Verification office at 402-219-8978.