Patient Testimonials
Patient Testimonials

Weight loss isn't always simple, but it's easier when you have a great program and caring people supporting you. Hear how our weight-loss surgery has changed our patients' lives.

Patricia shares how weight-loss surgery has transformed her life. She no longer needs to take medications and has time to be more active.


Annette shares that she lost over 80 pounds, which she attributes to her ability to have a baby, more life and more energy!



Marie no longer needs medications for high blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol, and she is enjoying more time with her grandkids.



Chester is able to travel more to visit his son in California.



Gary S. is more active and enjoying three-mile walks every day.



Dee is able to run and play with her grandchild and no longer suffers from back pain.


Jessi is now able to ride her horses, and she is running up to ten miles a day.


Gary B. is now very active, likes to exercise, travel and go hiking with his son.


Dennis no longer needs medicine for his diabetes. Dr. Raymond Taddeucci shares how weight-loss surgery helped change Dennis' life and how it can help you.


Ericka says it has given her the freedom to do what she enjoys in life again.