Preparing for Surgery


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Preparing for Weight-Loss Surgery

Our bariatric team is here to help you through the weight-loss surgery process. We will give you instructions to prepare for surgery, including learning new eating and drinking habits, undergoing lifestyle counseling to cope with changes, beginning a supervised physical activity program and quitting smoking.

The steps to weight-loss surgery are outlined below.

  1. Attend a free, educational seminar, Reshape Your Life. You will have an opportunity to meet a bariatric surgeon as they present an introduction to weight-loss surgery procedures, health benefits following surgery, insurance coverage and eligibility and participant question and answer session.
    Register for the next Reshape Your Life class.

  2. Contact your insurance company and verify that your policy has a weight-loss surgery benefit. Read more about insurance coverage.

  3. A ‘Pre-Consult Letter’ will be sent to you with instructions on completing required paperwork (outlined below) prior to your surgeon's visit.
    • Bariatric well-being assessment
    • Patient registration form
    • Bariatric consultation check-list
    • Bariatric insurance verification
    • Once the paperwork is reviewed by the surgeon’s office, you will be scheduled for your first appointment.

  4. Visit with surgeon
    • Discuss the different types of surgery
    • Review preparation for surgery

  5. Medical consultations and assessments
    • Dietary evaluation
    • Psychological evaluation
    • Exercise evaluation
    • Pulmonary evaluation
    • Other consultations prescribed by surgeon (cardiology, sleep study, etc.)
    • Bariatrician (supervised diet, eating issues, etc.) recommended
    • It takes approximately three - four weeks before evaluations are received by the surgeon’s office.

  6. Attend bariatric patient support group (recommended)

  7. Office will send in all paperwork to insurance for approval

  8. Register for mandatory Preoperative Surgery Education Class

  9. Scheduling the pre-op clinic visit and surgery
    • Review preparation for surgery
    • Begin two-week, weight-loss diet to promote liver shrinkage

  10. Schedule pre-op surgery physical with primary care physician within 30 days of surgery date

  11. Surgery at CHI Health

  12. Follow-up visits to Surgeon’s office at:
    • 2 weeks
    • 1 month
    • 3 months
    • 6 months
    • 9 months
    • 12 months
    • 18 months

  13. Attend St. Elizabeth Weight-Loss Surgery Support Group

Please note your surgery can be delayed if your health care team determines that:

  • You’re not psychologically or medically ready for surgery at this time
  • You have not made appropriate changes in your eating and exercise habits