Exercise Guidelines


Exercise Guidelines

Continue Exercise Program

  • Walking is encouraged. You may walk up and down stairs
  • Plan to walk a short duration at least 4 days a week
  • Perform light household duties as tolerated
  • No strenuous exercise for one month
  • As weight loss occurs, the capacity for exercise improves dramatically.

Tips for Sticking with the Exercise Program

  • Look at exercise as medication – you need it to get healthy.
  • Change your routine – don’t get bored.
  • Find a buddy – a friend, family, neighbor to stay motivated
  • Find your rhythm – use music, meditation to make exercise pleasant
  • Identify what makes you give up – skipping during vacation, holidays, etc.
  • Make a schedule to plan exercise and activity (3-5 times/week)
  • Record Exercise Log – keeping track improves motivation

Keep Connected – Attend Support Group

  • Attend Bariatric Patient Support Group or other support groups such as OverEaters Anonymous, etc.
  • Studies show that people who attend regular support group have the best outcomes.
  • Find a Buddy to stay connected with.