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Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator Helps Guide Patients


(L – R) Mary Rowan, breast cancer survivor, and Karen Pribnow, breast cancer nurse navigator

At the Saint Elizabeth Breast Care Center, our doctors and nurses approach treatment as a team to ensure women receive the best possible care – close to home. Karen Pribnow, a certified oncology nurse and breast cancer nurse navigator, helps women navigate through their breast cancer journey. She is available to answer questions, offer encouragement and provide guidance – from diagnosis to survivorship.

Mary Rowan, a teacher at Sacred Heart School and breast cancer survivor, shares, "It can be so overwhelming to be presented with all the options for cancer treatment. But, Karen, my breast cancer nurse navigator, was there to get the answers for me. I never felt alone."

The Saint Elizabeth Breast Care Center offers a comprehensive approach to care. Each case of breast cancer is different, so a team of experts work together to create a coordinated care plan that is individualized for each patient.

Mary shares, "My surgery was difficult, but the long-tern help and support I received from Karen and the rest of the team made it much easier than it might have been."

Karen leads a Preparing for Breast Surgery class gives women a chance to discuss what will happen in surgery and after, so there aren't any surprises.

"We gear the class toward what each participant is going through. Anxiety can easily build for our patients. Our goal is to create conversations that help women through each phase of treatment," says Karen.

Looking back, Mary reflects that anxiety and fear dissipates when you learn what is really going to happen. “I’m so glad I came here. I've felt totally cared for," says Mary.