Breast Care Center
Meet Our Superhero Team

Every case of breast cancer is different, and there are multiple treatment options. Our team of experts works together to create a comprehensive, coordinated care plan that is right for you.

General Surgeons

fitzke  hao norrisweb  windle   
Greg A. Fitzke, MD 

Zijun Hao, MD

R. Michael Norris, MD  Rick J. Windle, MD   


Medical Oncology

avery  berg1  dunder1  green1 

Eric Avery, MD

Alan Berg, MD

 Steven Dunder, MD

 Nate Green, MD









Mark Hutchins, MD

 Stacey Knox, MD

 Madhu Midathada, MD

Cary Peterson, MD









Joni Tilford, MD






Plastic Surgeons

hinze  orchard 
Mathieu L. Hinze, MD  Todd F. Orchard, MD 



Radiation Oncology

barrios1  chiu1  hynes1  yieeweb 
Bennett Barrios, MD  Joseph Kam Chiu, MD
Phillip Hynes, MD

Kevin Yiee, MD





David Schmidt, MD



Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator

     Cancer Genetic Counselor
Karen Pribnow Cancer Nurse Navigator                                     Stephanie Percich
Karen Pribnow RN, MSN, OCN     Stephanie Percich, MS, CGC