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The Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator Program

Individualized support. Comprehensive care.

As you move forward after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis, you will have many decisions to make regarding treatment, family, employment, insurance and more. The resulting stress can consume precious energy you will need for treatment and recovery.

That’s why your cancer care team at Saint Elizabeth includes a nurse navigator. An experienced oncology nurse, the nurse navigator provides each patient with one-on-one support and assistance, allowing you to concentrate on getting well.

Your nurse navigator works with your entire team of cancer professionals to ensure you receive all the services you need to fight your cancer. She will also help you adhere to your treatment plan and any lifestyle changes it requires.

Your nurse navigator will:

  • Find the information you need to make decisions. Your navigator will consult with care providers to get the most complete information and answer any questions you might have.
  • Educate you and your family about your diagnosis and treatment options. Your navigator will help you understand your options, let you know what to expect during each appointment, and help you keep track of questions you want to ask your care providers.
  • Coordinate support services, such as nutrition counseling or physical therapy. Your nurse navigator will help set up appointments and connect you with the appropriate support services, so you can focus your energy on getting well rather than maintaining your schedule.
  • Arrange transportation to your appointments. If you do not have your own transportation, your nurse navigator will make arrangements to get you to your appointments.
  • Arrange translation/interpretation services. Be sure to let your navigator know if you need translation or interpretation services at your appointments with healthcare providers.
  • Organize and explain your paperwork. Keeping paperwork organized is important in order to receive maximum benefits from your insurance provider and other sources of financial support. Your navigator can also refer you to people who will help you understand your benefits.
  • Identify financial resources to ease the monetary strain of treatment. If you don’t have insurance, or your insurance does not cover the entire cost of your care, your navigator can help you find sources of financial assistance.
  • Inform you of cancer research trials that may be available. Many patients have a deep interest in helping advance cancer research and treatment. Your nurse navigator will connect you with open clinical trials for which you qualify.
  • Create a survivorship care plan. The nurse navigator will be the one to create your survivorship care plan, which will summarize your treatment and lay out a long-term wellness plan.

You’re never alone at the Saint Elizabeth Breast Care Center. Having a nurse navigator means you have someone who is always available to answer questions, offer encouragement and guide you through treatment.

Dr. Michael Norris, general surgeon

“The nurse navigators provide emotional support when my patients need it most. They take the time to build a relationship with the patient and can be a great resource throughout treatment and beyond.”