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Fighting Back Against Lung Cancer

Generally, lung cancer is more advanced and more difficult to treat when symptoms are present. Early detection and decisive treatment offers the best chance for survival.


"We have brought together a team of specialists to improve
early detection of lung disease, including lung cancer. By
utilizing a team-approach to care, we can diagnosis and
treat patients faster.

Our lung nurse navigator supports patients and families
every step of the way. We are proud to be part of your
health care team; a team that is advancing care."

Dr. Sagar Damle, Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Are you at risk?

Low-dose lung CT screening has been shown to detect cancer earlier and save lives. In fact, National Cancer Institute research found that CT screenings can reduce the number of deaths from lung cancer by 20 percent. You may qualify for a low-dose CT screen if you:

  • Are 55 - 77 years of age
  • Have smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for 30 years or
    2 packs a day for 15 years or
    3 packs for 10 years
  • To determine if you qualify, call 402-219-7258.

Is it cancer?

While there are several ways to determine if a mass is cancer, one of the premier diagnostic tools is an Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy. This minimally invasive procedure allows the physician to get tissue samples in regions that were previously unreachable.

For those patients that have masses not accessible by the electromagnetic navigation procedure, a board certified interventional radiologist can perform a needle core biopsy. During this procedure, the physician uses a CT image to help guide a needle into the suspected tumor to obtain a tissue sample.

Lung Nodule Clinic

Lung Nodule Clinic is designed to minimize delays in evaluation and treatment of patients at risk for lung cancer. A mass, or nodule, on the lung can be an indication of cancer. Historically patients who had a suspicious mass might have to wait several weeks to receive follow-up care and treatment. “Now, we have a team of experts in place that allows patients to be seen within days, making the diagnosis and treatment plan significantly faster,” says Dr. Damle.

Lung Nurse Navigator


Our dedicated Lung Nurse Navigator, Lisa Kendle RN, BSN, OCN, provides each patient with one-on-one support and assistance. “I educate my patients on maintaining lung health, encourage screenings for those at high risk for lung cancer and support those faced with the diagnosis of cancer,” says Kendle.

Coordinated Care

During a multidisciplinary care conference, led by Dr. Sagar Damle, professionals from various medical disciplines discuss the best course of treatment for each individual case. Physician specialties involved include radiology, pathology, pulmonology, oncology, cardiothoracic surgery and radiation oncology.