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If You are Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer

The treatment plan for an individual with prostate cancer varies depending on the type and location of the tumor, the stage of the cancer and the person’s age and general health. But, treatment options may include one or a combination of the following:


Dr. Kevin Yiee talks about Radiation Therapy treatment options


Listen to Dr. Kevin Yiee discuss prostate cancer treatment options with Dr. Luke on 1110 KFAB Radio
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Dr. David Wiltfong shares information about robotic prostatectomy
and demonstrates how a surgical robot is used during procedures

Our Cancer Nurse Navigators Can Help
Our Cancer Nurse Navigator service is designed to support and guide you, and your loved ones, on your journey through cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Our navigators are experienced oncology nurses who work to remove any barriers that stand between you and effective, comprehensive cancer care.
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Meet Prostate Cancer Survivors who had Success with CyberKnife® Treatment


Scott, “After the treatment with CyberKnife® was finished, I rested for no more than a day and then resumed my normal activities.”

What he thought was an ordinary drive home from watching a spring training baseball game, turned out to be a defining moment in Scott’s life. "I was devastated," said Scott, who had just turned 61. "I thought I was too healthy and too young. I thought I was invincible and that there was no way my biopsy would show cancer."

Howard knew of other men who had prostate cancer, including an uncle, and their treatments were exhausting.