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The Saint Elizabeth Joint Center performs approximately 1,100 joint replacements a year---more knee and hip replacements than any other facility in the Lincoln area. 

The reasons are really pretty simple. The patient satisfaction scores from the Saint Elizabeth Joint Center are outstanding. In fact, patients place this Joint Center at the very top of the list among hospitals surveyed by the national independent surveyor, HealthStreams. 

Patients enjoy the innovative Joint Center approach where patients wear their own comfortable shorts or sweats. They also take pride in their group physical therapy approach, where patients go through their rehabilitation exercises in small groups inside the Joint Center’s Club House.
The “coach” concept is another unique touch in the Joint Center. The “coaches,” a part of the health care team which can include a friend or family member (usually a spouse) takes part in the education and recovery---even sitting beside the patient during physical therapy. This unique concept helps couples and families understand exactly what will be going on during surgery and recovery.

Hollie Heser RN, teaches classes for
patients-to-be and their coaches, so they can learn what to expect from their
surgery and recovery.

The Saint Elizabeth Joint Center offers classes for patients and families prior to their surgery. These classes give them the opportunity to learn about their surgery, hold a knee or hip joint, learn about the recovery process and how to best prepare for their surgery. They also have the opportunity meet a member of the team and ask questions.

The Joint Center’s patient amenities allows each patient the ability to select a free hand, foot or neck massage; a pedicure or manicure; or even a wash-and-set for patients.

The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons report that greater than 90 percent of individuals who under go total knee replacement experience a dramatic reduction of knee pain. They also experience a significant improvement in the ability to perform common activities in their daily living.

Brenda Stutzman, director of orthopedics, says "We hear patients tell us regularly that their joint replacements are extremely effective. The severe pain is gone and their mobility improves greatly. It’s wonderful for our team to know that we are alleviating a significant amount of pain and disability." 

Brenda Stutzman also lists teamwork as the key reason for their great successes. She tells us it is the Team Coordinators who keep the program moving as positively as it does. “They are fantastic; our entire team is. I've been in nursing 34 years and have never seen teamwork as great as this. Their focus is always on what‘s right for each patient.”

The minute you walk into the Saint Elizabeth Joint Center, you will sense the fantastic attitude, smiles, greetings and their dedication to help. They also collaborate daily with a number of other key departments including physical therapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy and the operating room surgical teams.

The orthopedics team works with every orthopedic/neurosurgeon surgeon in the area. They have become the leading orthopedics unit in the area doing more procedures than any other hospital. Stutzman says the physicians have been amazing to work with. She especially cites the orthopedic surgeons for embracing innovation and for their willingness to work together in delivering the best care possible for patients.