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Pre-operative Education

Annually over 200,000 people undergo back fusions. Primary candidates are individuals with unrelieved pain that interferes with daily activities, walking, exercise, leisure, recreation, and work. Surgery aims to relieve pain, restore your independence and return you to work and other daily activities.

Back surgery patients recover quickly. Patients will be able to walk hours after their surgery. Generally patients are able to return to driving in two to four weeks and activities such as dancing in eight weeks.

The Saint Elizabeth Spine Care Center features include:

  • A class prior to the surgery
  • Nurses and therapists who specialize in the care of spine patients
  • Physical and occupational therapists who will educate about back protection and about energy conservation techniques that can be used during activities of daily living, work, and leisure.
  • Education for family and friends so they can participate as “coaches” in the recovery process.

Saint Elizabeth and our team of experts are here to answer your questions and concerns. A Patient Guide for Spine Care will be shared with you during the the Pre-Operative class. Information will be shared with you regarding:

  • The Night Before Your Surgery
  • What to Expect the Day of Surgery
  • Considerations for Home
  • Caring for Yourself at Home
  • Daily Living and Safety Tips
  • Spine Walking Program Outline

When you are scheduled for your spine surgery, you will be contacted regarding your scheduled pre-operative spine care class.