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Active Research

BURN AND WOUND: St. Elizabeth opened the region's first Burn Center in 1973, and today they continue the traditional of providing innovative care by being the state's only Verified Burn Center, a prestigious award from the American College of Surgeons and the American Burn Association. Our researchers are participating in national skin and soft tissue clinical trials, which help improve care of infections and wounds that are often very difficult to treat.

CHI has an outstanding relationship with the Nebraska Cancer Research Center. This partnership gives our patients the opportunity to participate in all of the major clinical trials for cancer care.

Our past participation in national studies helps us — and doctors around the world — make sure that the strategy used for treatment of deep-vein thrombosis is the best and most effective treatment for our patients. St. Elizabeth works closely with Interventional Radiologists to gain access to cutting-edge technology as it relates to clinical research trials.

Many doctors within The Physician Network are participating as Principal Investigators or researchers in national clinical trials.  These studies include cardiovascular care, rheumatoid and osteoarthritic care, wound care, neonatal research and diabetic trials. Meet the researchers for St. Elizabeth and The Physician Network.

The National Institute of Nursing Research states that Nursing Research develops knowledge to build the scientific foundation for clinical practice, to prevent disease and disability and to manage and eliminate symptoms caused by illness. St. Elizabeth has many nurses involved in Quality Improvement and Evidence Based projects as well as clinical research. We actively participate in research and have our own Nursing Research Council.


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