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Patient's Story

Saint Elizabeth Stroke Success Story

Bill Kobza had a stroke while he was at work, but he didn’t know it. He felt light headed. He thought he would get a Coke and sit down for a few minutes.   |   Watch Video

A co-worker noticed he was grabbing at the cans, but they just rolled onto the floor. That co-worker went to get Barb and Jim Ballard, the vineyard’s owners. They had Bill lay on the floor and put cool compresses to his face. Jim called 9-1-1 and Raymond's rescue squad arrived quickly. They knew Bill lived near Saint Elizabeth so they asked he be taken there.   |   Watch Video

Hear Bill's story first hand.   |   Watch Video

Stroke Alert
The Raymond rescue personnel called their Lincoln counterparts who met them and traveled to Saint Elizabeth with Bill. They also recognized this was a possible stroke and called Saint Elizabeth to call a formal Stroke Alert. That Stroke Alert put the appropriate emergency department and stroke team personnel on alert—including Dr. David Running.

Time = Brain
By the time Bill was wheeled into the Saint Elizabeth ER everything was ready to do a CT scan to help determine if in fact he was having a stroke. Other tests were also performed and there was no doubt---this was a stroke!  But because Bill got to Saint Elizabeth so fast---thanks to his co-workers---Dr. James Bobenhouse, neurologist, could was administered the drug tPA which, because it breaks up clots that form and cause brain damage, the drug helps reduce injury from stroke and lessen permanent damage.  

Home Happy
48 hours later Bill Kozba was heading home, happy and with minimal side effects from his stroke. He had a few problems with his speech, but every day that got a little better.

Stroke patient, Bill Kobza, with two members of the Rescue Squad and his neurologist, Dr. James Bobenhouse who treated him at Saint Elizabeth.

A couple months after having his stroke, Bill returned to Saint Elizabeth to meet with and thank the medical team that delivered such excellent-and rapid-medical care and helped him return to his normal self. 

On the far right are Bill’s wife, Luanne and on her right, Barb Ballard of James Arthur Vineyard who was among those who called 9-1-1 and got Bill help fast. Others include paramedics, physicians (ER + neurologist + IMS), nurses, radiologists, lab team, ED team, stroke team, CCU team, social worker, speech therapist, occupational therapist and physical therapist.