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Why call 9-1-1?

Don’t drive yourself to the hospital
Some people tell us they don’t want to “bother” emergency responders. But, what if you had additional stroke symptoms on the way to the hospital and caused an accident?
Call 9-1-1 | Watch Video

9-1-1 means FASTER care for you
The Lincoln paramedics begin to assess stroke symptoms immediately. The minute they reach your home, they can start the diagnostic process. If you appear to have stroke symptoms, they instantly call a Stroke Alert, which notifies the nearest emergency room. Physicians, lab personnel, radiology personnel, and others---the stroke team---are immediately on alert to diagnose and treat your stroke when you arrive. 

Immediately when you arrive, a series of tests and evaluations begin. If you need treatment, the appropriate physician and other medical personnel are in place and ready. | Watch Video

Remember TIME lost is BRAIN lost!