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Understanding the Robot
Patient Friendly

The St. Elizabeth robot certainly is patient friendly and surgeon friendly! It does exactly what the surgeon directs it to do and its arms are steady, focused, flexible and incredibly precise. 

In the operating room, your surgeon sits at a console with a large, high definition TV viewing screen and two master controls that precisely mimic the surgeons movements. When they move left, right, or rotate it directs the robotic arms. The TV screen displays 3D images that can be viewed from numerous angles and the images can be magnified to ten times normal size to further improve precision and vision! Foot pedals allow the surgeon to control the clarity of the image.

Tiny incisions
As the surgeon and surgical team prepare for your procedure, the robotic arms are inserted at the surgical site through tiny incisions that are too small for human hands, but made possible because of the thin mechanical arms. Attached at the end of the tiny arms may be a tiny video camera, a tool to make incisions, an instrument to sew the surgical site back together, and another to remove the problematic tissue from the body. During the procedure, the robotic arms move in real time directed by the surgeon’s movements on the master controls.

The future of surgery is here
Today’s breakthrough robotic technology allows the surgeon to maneuver the robotic arms to do the most delicate of tasks. The arms are equipped for a full-range of movement.